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Artiest: Idontknow - Songtitle: Stop Dont Talk To Me

Je bekijkt nu de songtekst en vertaling: Idontknow - Stop Dont Talk To Me ? Hieronder vindt je de songtekst met vertaling naast elkaar weergegeven! Benieuwd naar het liedje en de betekenis van Stop Dont Talk To Me? Bekijk de Nederlandse vertaling. Op onze website vindt je veel meer songteksten met vertalingen van Idontknow! Bekijk ons archief en de andere songteksten, klik bijvoorbeeld op de letter I van Idontknow en zie welke nummers wij nog meer van Idontknow in ons archief hebben staan zoals Stop Dont Talk To Me.


Stop don't talk to me loser lameo wannabe like oh, totaly, T-t totaly.

Gold up Why you gotta say that. You know i Like you.
So i am askin where The bea at. She Like, so i'll say iT again. Cause to me she's so amazing but to her i'm just a friend. She drop iT down Like a earthquake.
THE was she movin i'm just wondering THE worst way. But i know she'll come swerve to me. Cause these other dudes got Money and their love aint free. Gotta show i can put it down. Heart beating Like an eight o eight, you can hear THE sound
Bout to Make a move ss she turns around. But i gold up in my trance cause i See it's going down. She got a arm round his shoulder. Yeah i'm asking him to hold her. Walking out the door but she stopped Like "what" looked to me and heard her say.

Stop don't talk to me loser lameo wannabe Like oh totaly. T-t totaly.

Stop i know that he ain't right. Cause i hear that you've been arguing Like Every night. Knows exactly what he says, and treats you Like trash. Girl, you're a princess. But he aint got class. Next day ya'll broke up. So. I gotta step my game up. I just wanna make you smile again, cause i know i gotta be Like more than a friend. Gotta Make a move, so i hop in my car and i'll be there Soon. Picking up Some flowers because i want a surprise. Wanna Make you happy. Light up in your eyes. Pull up to go your house, and i walk to the door. You open it up, heart drops to the floor. With another guy, lemme look real close. Walk to me and say what hurts the most.

Stop don't talk to me loser lameo wannabe Like oh totaly. T-t totaly.