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Artiest: Ziggy - Songtitle: Marley

Je bekijkt nu de songtekst en vertaling: Ziggy - Marley ? Hieronder vindt je de songtekst met vertaling naast elkaar weergegeven! Benieuwd naar het liedje en de betekenis van Marley? Bekijk de Nederlandse vertaling. Op onze website vindt je veel meer songteksten met vertalingen van Ziggy! Bekijk ons archief en de andere songteksten, klik bijvoorbeeld op de letter Z van Ziggy en zie welke nummers wij nog meer van Ziggy in ons archief hebben staan zoals Marley.


Ife has come a long way since yesterday, I say
And its not the same old thing over again, I say
Just do what you feel and don`t you fool yourself, I say
Cause I can`t make you happy unless I am, I say I say I

Got to be true to myself

Day in day out I`ve asked many questions, I say
Only to find the truth it never changes, I say
If you don`t deal with it it keeps killing you a little by little, I say
Call me selfish if you will my life I alone can live, I say I say I say

Got to be true to myself
Got to be true to myself (in a way all)

I don`t care if it hurts I`m tired of lies and all these games
I`ve reached a point in life no longer can I be this way
Don`t come crying to me I too have shed my share of tears
I`m moving on yes I`m grooving on well I`m finally free I`ve

Got to be true to myself